Thursday, June 5, 2008

My First Blog

As I began to create my first blog, I was given the option at the end of telling about to answer a random question. The question said: 'The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig': "OK fine" as my grandaughter says. Actually, I want to do this blog because I don't live near any of my grandkids and I want to post some stories about our famiy so they can get to know us better. So I began to make up a story. As I finished the story and pressed the 'save' button, I was given an error message that said, "Must be 800 characters or less". Now they tell me. So this is how I'll begin my first blog....with the story. And since my favorite stories have some kind of lesson to be learned, here goes.......

Once there was a little old frog named Flix. He had a round body and very long legs. His arms were short but his fingers were also very long. He could jump higher than all of his friends. He loved to jump! He jumped everywhere he went. He didn’t hop or skip, he just jumped. This is how he jumped. He'd scrunch down, tight as a ball, count to three and then LEAP upward with all the strength he had!

He had a board that he fastened to the outside of his house that had rubber prongs sticking out of it that he could hit each time he jumped. Each time he leaped he tried to touch a higher one than before. Because his fingers were so long they aided him in reaching up so high.

Like other frogs he had beautiful, moist, green skin that sparkled in the sunlight, and glistened in the moonlight. When it rained, the rain would just roll off his skin in large drops and leave him as dry as can be. But unlike other frogs he had brown bumps on his head that brought all kinds of curious questions from little frogs. The older frogs were too polite to ask questions, but he noticed them staring at him quite often when they thought he wasn't looking. Have you ever see a frog with brown bumps only on their heads? Neither have I. It was very embarrassing for him.

He decided to solve his problem by buying himself a wig to cover the brown spots. He looked in all the shops that sold frog wigs until he found just the one that he liked. It was pure white with curls rolling all different directions so that he never had to care for it any more than just shaking it out every now and then. He wore it every time he went out of his house. Now he didn't get questions or stares at his brown bumps on his head any more. Guess what he got? You're right! He got questions and stares about his new white wig. O what should he do now? Whenever he tried to jump with his friends his wig flew off. Whenever he swam in the water with his friends his wig floated off. Whenever the day was hot beads of perspiration dripped from underneath his wig right down his nose and onto the floor! This would never do! It was worse than before!

"I know what I'll do this time" he said, I'll paint my brown bumps green!" And he did. But his new green bumps didn't glisten in the sunshine like his other skin, and his new green bumps itched him until he scratched all the paint off and he was left with his old brown bumps with scabs on them. Again, no better.

This time he thought and thought. "What if I just count every one of them and when the little frogs ask me about them I'll have something to tell them instead of trying to pretend they’re not there." So that's what he did. How many do you think he counted? Five, ten, fifteen? He counted seventeen brown bumps! Six large ones, seven medium ones, and four very small ones! Is that how many you guessed? That's a lot of bumps to have on one frog's head, isn't it?

After that he had a fun time looking for little frogs so that they could ask him about his brown spots on his head. He never again tried to pretend they weren’t there. As for the older frogs, whenever he noticed them looking at his brown spots he quietly turned around and smiled at them. They always smiled back. Now THAT was better!

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Tony said...

Thanks for sharing your blog. I love your quote between Pooh and Piglet. I want to be your friend forever too. :)

May this be the first of many posts!

Axa loved it.