Monday, July 7, 2008

Bird Watching

At the same place that we stayed while we went on our rafting trip they offered activities every day. One of the days they offered a class in bird watching. This sounded like a fun thing that we would like to do. It didn’t cost any money, and you didn’t have to sign up. You just had to show up in the morning at the front desk a certain time. Grandma and I were the first ones there and we were surprised that we were the only ones that showed up for the class that day.

The teacher arrived and told us about what we would be doing and what birds we might see. She also had a little electronic devise with pictures of birds that were native to the area and when you pushed on the picture of the bird it would play the sound that the bird made. She had a certain walk planned that took us to one side of the lake and along the way she would stop and point out the different birds. Some of the birds were easy to see and some of the birds were way up in the trees or flying through the air. It was interesting to be with someone who knew all about the birds that lived in that area. She was a very nice teacher and she let us use her binoculars. She also set up her telescope when we got to the lake so we could see some nests that were in the swampy areas of the lake.

She told us about a little hatchling eagle that was in a tree across the lake and she thought that it was almost time for it to fly from it’s nest, but we didn’t see it that day.

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