Monday, July 7, 2008

Skim Boards in the Living Room!

One time when Grandma and Curtis were up visiting my mom and dad in South Lake Tahoe, Jake, Sam, Tony, Thomas, and I made skim boards in the living room. We bought plywood and cut them into circles of different sizes, and then we sanded them smooth and rounded the edges. Then we spread newspapers all over the living room floor, mixed up resin, added color, and poured the resin over the boards. First we did one side and when that side was dry; we flipped them over and did the other side. When both sides were dry we applied different decals and then we put wax on the top side so that we wouldn’t slip on them.

Hey, what do you use a skim board for anyway? Well, you take your skim board with you to the beach and stand in the place where the water rushes up when the waves break, and you wait until the water runs back to the ocean and when the water is very thin on the sand you skim your board on the water and run and jump on to it and skim along the sand. If you start to slow down you can scoot the board out in front of you with your foot and run after it and jump on for another ride.

After we finished the skim boards we took a trip to a beach named Ensenada in Mexico. When we arrived at the camping place we parked and I was unpacking the Suburban. Tony was the first one to head down to the water, excited to try his skim board. He waited until the water was very thin and then he tossed his board and ran quickly behind it, leaped after it, but when he landed he twisted his ankle very badly. I went down to the beach and could see that his was in a lot of pain. I carried him up to the Suburban and got some ice to put on his ankle to keep the swelling down.

Tony rested in the car and ate too many chocolate bars that we had packed for our trip as I set up the tent. When I finished setting up the tent, I carried Tony into the tent and when we got inside he threw up because he had eaten too many chocolate bars. I laid him down on his sleeping bag, cleaned up the tent, and asked him to rest so his ankle would get better so we could have fun tomorrow.

After all, we all had a very fun trip.

Grandpa Familia


Tony said...

Hey! That yellow one is my skim board. I remember twisting my ankle and throwing up from eating too many twix bars. These things happen when mom isn't there. :)

This is great. I love the stories and the pictures (I didn't know we had this one). Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Haha - that Mexico trip was sure a memorable one!!! Nice shirt dad, is that velor? :) - Lissy