Monday, July 7, 2008

Taman Safari

In June I started a family newsletter titled, Our Family Stories. It didn't work out very well because everyone didn't have MSPublisher and when I transferred it to MSWord it was kind of fuzzy. So I'm going to put the last stories on my blog. Here goes.....

This picture is when we visited an animal park in Indonesia where you could drive through and see the animals right outside your car door. Before we started our drive through the park we bought some special little bananas to feed the animals with. One time an animal that looked like an antelope put its head right inside our window! Grandma screamed and hid her head and then the animal took its head out of the window and we kept driving.

As we were driving along a mommy hippo and two baby hippos walked in front of our car and then splashed into a pond.

At the end of the road through the animal park you could get out of your car and go to the petting zoo. It was quite a special petting zoo because there was a white tiger and orangutans. We first petted the white tiger while he was resting. Then a man asked us if we wanted to have our picture taken with two orangutans. We took a walk with them and held their hand. They were very strong and they pulled you along wherever they wanted to go. After our walk we sat down to have our picture taken with them and they put their arms around us. The big one kept kissing the top of Grandpa’s head and that made us laugh.

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