Monday, July 7, 2008

Rafting Trip

In June of 2005 we took a trip to Washington State to check out the school that Thomas was going to go to in the city of Pullman, Washington. Curtis was going to move there with him also and they were going to get an apartment together.

This is the Sociology Building where Thomas spent most of his time

After visiting the university and picking out their apartment we decided to go on a river rafting trip. We rode down the Clark River on a raft that 6 people could fit into.

This picture is where we had just gone over some rapids and the water splashed up all over the side of the boat that Thomas and Grammy were on. We would float smoothly down the river for several minutes at a time. During that time we would look at the scenery around us-down into the water, out to the side of the river where tall trees grew, up into the sky that was a beautiful blue with fluffy white clouds in it. One of the things we saw was an eagle sitting high up in a tree watching us pass by.

Eagle in the Tree

Every now and then the river would move faster and faster and our raft would swoosh up and down rapids. Through the rapids we paddled together to keep our boat going straight down the river and that part made us very tired. We got splashed a lot and the water was cold but the sun kept us warm. At one stop along the way at a sandy beach we had a picnic. At the end of the ride on the river we loaded our rafts on top of a bus and they drove us back to where we began.

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